Per Magnus Muren


+47 41 28 92 75

Per Magnus has a Master’s degree from the London School of Economics where he studied International Relations from 2015 to 2016, with an emphasis on security studies and the effects of new technology on future warfare.

Per Magnus has previously worked for the Norwegian Nano UAV developer Prox Dynamics. During his time at Prox he developed in-depth knowledge of Nano UAV capabilities, limitations and possibilities as well as an insight into product development.

From his studies Per magnus has obtained extensive international experience and has lived for extended periods in the USA, England and Brazil. He obtained a double bachelor’s degree in philosophy and political science from California Lutheran University. His bachelor’s thesis was focused on the relationship between Norway and NATO and how this relationship effects Norwegian foreign and security policy.

As part of the Holtan+Partners team, Per Magus has supported international defence industry with several procurement processes in Norway, including artillery, radars, submarines and satellites.

Per Magnus Muren was born in 1992.