Johannes Nordrum Bratberg


+47 992 85 181

Johannes Nordrum Bratberg is educated in international security studies and international development studies. In 2017-2018, Johannes completed a master's degree in international relations, security and diplomacy at the University of Tel Aviv. The degree was focused on what drives various actors' design of security policies and doctrines. In 2019, Johannes also completed an MSc in international development studies at the Norwegian University of Environmental and Life Sciences. Johannes has been living abroad for his work and studies, including courses in Arabic at the University of Cairo.

Johannes has insights into the Norwegian public sector through his role sin various organizations and institutions. Among other things, he has been a trainee at the Norwegian Embassy in Copenhagen and at the Norwegian Peace Council. In addition to this, he has worked for the student interest organization (STOR) and at KLP Bank.

Johannes has experience in planning, execution and management of projects, and was head of the UgÄ festival in 2015. He also worked 4 years for the Strategy and Communication department at the University of Stavanger, where he earned a bachelor's degree in political science and social security. He also co-founded the student association for political scientists at the University of Stavanger, and was chairman for 2 years.